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Despite soggy start to the week, Maritimes still mostly below average for June rain


Rain totals reported at several weather station sites across the Maritimes are below 30-year climate averages. There are likely some exceptions to this. Some of our recent weather systems have come with localized downpours and thunderstorms, which have likely brought some communities in the region above the amounts totalled here.

Still, the month is trending better for rain than May did. May finished below half the climate average for rain for a large portion of the Maritimes.

June rain is starting to climb closer to the average for the month. (Source: CTV News Atlantic)

More rain ahead

A few more weather systems over the next several days will give us a shot to get those June rain totals up to average or even a bit higher.

A widespread round of rain and showers is forecast for Thursday as a low-pressure system moves in from northeastern United States. A general rainfall of 10-to-30 mm will come with it but with pockets of 30-to-50 mm possible as a result of embedded downpours and thunderstorms.

Rain and showers moving across the Maritimes on Thursday. (Source: CTV News Atlantic)

Following that, a low-pressure system moving through Ontario and into Quebec brings a weather front into the Maritimes Saturday into Sunday. Showers will develop in New Brunswick on Saturday before rain and showers become more widespread across the Maritimes on Sunday.

Between those two weather systems, it is certainly possible to get enough rain to close the remaining gap between how much June rain we’ve had so far and the averages for the month.

A slower moving weather front returns wet weather across the region Sunday. The system may also impact Canada Day weather in the Maritimes. (Source: CTV News Atlantic)

Early Canada Day outlook

As it stands, I’d have to go with a chance of showers for New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island for Canada Day. Rain or showers are possible for Nova Scotia.

The reason for that is the projected slow speed of the weather front coming through on Sunday. While the front enters New Brunswick on Sunday, it may slow and stall near the Atlantic coastline of Nova Scotia by Monday. That province being closest to the front keeps the possibility of some areas of rain in the forecast.

This far out in the forecast, it wouldn’t be unusual to see the timing of the front chance by 12-to-24 hours. A quicker pass by the Maritimes of that front would improve the Canada Day outlook. Top Stories


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