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Fredericton DUI numbers are up, police and MADD campaigning to drive safe


Fredericton has already had more drunk driving charges to date ahead of the 2023 holiday season than it did for all of 2022.

The Fredericton Police Force is partnering with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to remind motorists of the consequences.

"Impaired drivers are everywhere, doesn't matter the time of day, time of night or the location,” said Cst. Garret Fancy with the Fredericton Police Force. “We want people to be aware so they are able to suspect impaired drivers and give us a call if they are able to identify an impaired driver.”

Officers are gearing up for a busy holiday season; they’ve already charged 175 Fredericton drivers under the influence so far this year.

2022 saw 165 drivers charged in the entire year.

"The Canadian government legislated the mandatory alcohol screening otherwise known as MAS,” Fancy said. “Which allows police officers to conduct roadside screen demands without the presence of alcohol.

“Which gives us a lot of opportunity to catch impaired drivers that we may not otherwise be able to catch."

A failed breathalyser test could land you in a holding cell overnight.

"They will be brought into our breath tech room or ‘intox’ room and once they're in that room if they're agreeing to provide samples of breath,” said Cst. Ben Hughes with the Fredericton Police Force. “And based on the reading will determine whether charges are laid.”

Both Cst. Hughes and Cst. Fancy are members of the board of the local MADD chapter.

Police say if you're charged, the consequences are long term.

"Penalties in the thousands of dollars, raised insurance costs,” Hughes said. “Not to mention within the province of New Brunswick you can have your license suspended for a period of 90 days and your vehicle impounded for at least 30 days.”

A DUI criminal charge can also impact the ability to travel out of the country.

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