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Halifax snags $25K international art grant

Halifax is one of 25 North American cities to secure a grant of up $25,000 to improve street safety and engage local communities through art and design.

According to a news release from Bloomberg Philanthropies, Halifax was one of the cities chosen to receive a grant through the Asphalt Art Initiative, which received submissions from Canadian, American, and Mexican cities.

Halifax’s proposed project is to create asphalt paintings to highlight curb extensions at nine intersections, Thr work is expected to be finished by next summer.

Kate Moon, community developer with the HRM, said hte project will beautify the neighbourhood and promote community engagement. 

“HRM has been working on safety for pedestrian and bikes. This helps amplify the work that the curb extensions are doing, by drawing attention to the spaces," Moon said.

“The new Asphalt Art Initiative projects, to be installed in 2024, were chosen from more than 200 applications, and each addresses a particular challenge related to pedestrian and cyclist safety in their city,” the release states.

Calgary was the only other Canadian city to receive a grant through the initiative.

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