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New Brunswick school district, city prepare for heat wave


It's going to be a hot couple of days in New Brunswick.

Environment Canada has issued a heat warning for the province, saying, "a period of very hot and humid weather is occurring."

The mini-heat wave is expected to last the next three days.

Tuesday’s high was expected to be between 30 and 32 C with the Humidex around 35 to 37 C.

Wednesday could be even hotter with temperatures expected to soar to 35 C with the Humidex reaching as high as 43 C.

The City of Moncton's outdoor pools don't open until Saturday, but many of its splash pads have opened early.

The Anglophone East School District is proceeding with normal operations this week, but safety measures have been put in place for the expected heat wave.

In a letter to parents, district superintendent Randy MacLEAN said hydration is essential.

"We will ensure that students and staff have constant access to fresh water. We encourage your child to drink regularly throughout the day," he said.

School activities, both indoors and outdoors, have been adjusted and some could be cancelled or rescheduled.

Forest Glen School in Moncton has already cancelled some of their outdoor activities for the next couple days.

The district is also recommending students wear light and cool clothing to help stay comfortable in the heat.

People are pictured sitting on a bench in Moncton, N.B., on June 18, 2024. (Source: Derek Haggett/CTV News Atlantic)

NB Lung is warning New Brunswickers to stay cool, stay inside, stay hydrated and to check in on loved ones.

"People living with lung disease, children, and the elderly are more susceptible to the harms of extreme heat," NB Lung posted on X, formerly Twitter.

Mel McNamara and two of her co-workers decided to eat lunch at city hall, but might not do the same thing on Wednesday.

“I think we may stay inside tomorrow. Tomorrow may be too hot,” said McNamara. “It’s worrisome. I mean we’re just at the beginning and it came on so fast. It is concerning.”

People in the province are being urged to stay hydrated, check on older family members and neighbours and watch for early signs of heat illness such as fatigue and headaches.

Susan Goguen has already made preparations.

“Just making sure the air conditioner filters are all clean and in good working order. Lots of sun blocker on the ready. All the pets are brought in and they’re nice and comfortable and cool. And drink lots of water. Lots and lots,” said Goguen.

There’s also concern for Moncton’s homeless population.

The city has bought two misting tents for those living on the streets and all shelters are opening their doors for drop-ins to get out of the heat.

A misting tent set up at a homeless shelter and community hub on St. George Street in Moncton, N.B.

Marc Belliveau, co-chair of the Greater Moncton Homelessness Steering Committee, said they’ve had a plan for a couple of months.

“Executing misting tents to the John Howard Hub as well as Ensemble. All agencies have gotten ready this week with water, freezies, sunscreen. Make sure first-aid kits, snacks, we have everything ready. As shelters, we’ve opened our doors. We have an extra 120 seats available,” said Belliveau.

John Renton, a homeless advocate in Moncton, N.B., hands out freezies on St. George Street on June 18, 2024.

Homeless advocate John Renton was handing out freezies in the afternoon and planned to pass around bottles of water in the evening.

“Today with the weather, with the heat and the Humidex, I’m worried about hydration of people. My friends are out on the streets, on the sidewalks and the parks and wherever they can be to get a little respite from the heat,” said Renton.

Homeless advocate John Renton hands out freezies on St. George Street in Moncton, N.B., on June 18, 2024.

Mexi’s manager Jimmy Gallant said when the heat gets extreme, business can slow down on patios, but they still make sure the staff is taken care of.

“We usually go pick up a coupe of flats of Gatorade just to kind of keep the boys hydrated in the back and the staff out front hydrated as well. We definitely don’t want anyone passing out,” said Gallant.

People are also being encouraged to stay indoors as much as possible and to limit their physical activity until at least Friday when it’s expected to cool off a bit.

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