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Signed, stamped, delivered: Canada Post finds unstamped postcard from N.S. youth


As Daya Modayur was walking away from a Dartmouth, N.S., mailbox the other day, she realized something all mail users worry about: she’d forgotten to put a stamp on her postcard.

“I walked halfway across the street before I remembered that,” she said.

Modayur, who made the postcard for her grandmother at the free Palifax summer program in the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning, thought it was lost, but Elizabeth Tuck, youth program coordinator with YWCA Halifax, had an idea.

“I went into problem solving mode,” she said. “I thought the most efficient way was just to leave a note asking them to either return the postcard or put a stamp on it.”

Tuck put the notice on the mailbox and soon got a written response on it that read, “Found it and stamped it! Have a great day!”

A letter addressed to Canada Post. (Source: CTV News Atlantic)

“It was really nice,” Modayur said. “It’ll be nice for (my grandmother) to see it. She went on a roadtrip and she was travelling all up Canada. She sent me and my cousins a bunch of postcards so I thought it’d be cool to return the favour.”

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