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Slick snow: 35 vehicle accidents in Fredericton


Fredericton was hit hard by wintery weather that rolled through New Brunswick this week.

There were 35 vehicle accidents in the Fredericton city limits alone.

"To our knowledge, there was no major injuries,” said Sgt. Sam McInnis with the Fredericton Police Force. “Most of them were fender benders or cars that slid off the road, but there was nothing major or serious injuries.”

In Maugerville, a sand truck slipped off the road.

The type of snow coming down made clearing efforts difficult.

"Wet snow, temperatures at zero, road temperatures at zero, compaction immediately,” said Brent Grant with Fredericton Roadway Operations. “It was a busy day and the first one's always a challenge.”

The snow was a pain for everyone, but power outages only added to it. There will still seven thousand households in the dark as of Thursday afternoon.

"The snow took the power out from accidents and our hotel room was on the sixth floor and as soon as we went up all the stairs,” said Jeremy Baer, who is visiting Fredericton. “The power came back on, literally, and we hadn't eaten in six hours so we were ‘hangry.’”

"It was lovely, I did go out, the snow was falling, it was just a magical first snowfall,” said Roberte Melanson, who lives in Fredericton. “I was worried a little about the driving, you have to get used to what used to work with the brake now might not work the same way so I took my time, and it was lovely.”

"I'm from Vancouver, so this is the most snow I've seen in a while,” said Darcy Michael. “It took us almost two hours to get here yesterday so that was not fun.”

Police say if you don’t have your winter tires on yet, be cautious.

"Our biggest thing we can recommend is that motorists are slowing down, being prepared for road conditions,” McInnis said. “Then checking our social media and with the media, usually we're good at putting out warnings when the roads are not in great conditions.”

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