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United Way raised $1.5M for N.S. wildfires in 2023


United Way raised $1.5 million for people impacted by the 2023 wildfires in Nova Scotia.

According to a report by United Way, the organization distributed $1.06 million in the community in the wake of fires in Shelburne, Barrington, and Upper Tantallon. They spent $167,000 on expenses and $249,000 in ongoing investments for uninsured families.

The report says United Way divided its funding into phase one (which focused on the immediate aftermath of the fires) and phase two (which centres on community building, back-to-school supplies, and mental health and cultural supports).

“The United Way staff team has learned so much from this experience, including that we need to have plans in place for future climate change disasters,” the report reads. “As important as the wildfire response was, there are ongoing crises in our communities that still need attention. We need to be prepared and equipped to respond to both the ongoing and unexpected crises at the same time.”

The report says United Way has provided 1,295 people with cleaning supplies, back-to-school items, and other personal supplies.

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