If you’ve ever wanted to watch donair meat on a spit from the comfort of your home, you’re in luck.

Nova Scotia Webcams has partnered with King of Donair to create the Donair Cam, which offers viewers a 24-hour livestream of the spicy meat rotating on a spit at the eatery on Quinpool Road.

For those unfamiliar with the delicacy, donairs are wraps that are closely related to the Greek gyros.

They feature finely ground beef, mixed with bread crumbs and spices, topped with a sweet sauce. The thinly sliced meat is served in a pita, often with diced tomatoes and raw onions.

Donairs can be devoured anytime, but they have long been a favourite among the after-midnight crowd, enjoyed after a long night on the town.

Maritimers’ love of the messy meal is legendary, inspiring songs, T-shirts, and do-it-yourself donair kits.

The donair has been named Halifax’s official food. Atlantic Lottery even released a Mucho Donair-O scratch ticket, offering players a chance to win free donairs for a year.

Nova Scotia Webcams offers a number of livestreams from sites across the province, but says the Donair Cam “might be the most Nova Scotian thing” its viewers have ever seen.

There’s no word on whether Nova Scotia Webcams might offer smell-o-vision as a bonus feature in the future.