Some New Brunswickers are still powerless on Thursday evening tonight, five days after a wind storm took out hundreds of trees and powerlines.

NB Power says there will likely be a few who'll remain off the grid on Friday.

The long wait has been an inconvenience for those without power.

“My power just came back on at 12 o’clock today,” said Scott Sanipass of Upper Rexton. “It cost me over $200 dollars in fuel and pellets for my pellet stove.”

There's a financial cost of being offline for that long and a couple hundred customers likely have another night to go.

The storm saw winds in excess of 100 kilometres an hour. Hundreds of trees  snapped -- falling onto power lines – and each one had to be removed.

The outages topped over 104,000 customers.

“Another issue that we're facing in many of the regions of the province is that we have to go into backlots and remote areas that are hard to access,” said NB Power spokesman Marc Belliveau.

NB Power has 300 crews still on the ground

and it's created  a lot of work for others too.

“There's been a lot calls for some ripped off services that trees have caused that ripped people's mast's off their houses,” said Darren Gill, owner of KDG Electric. “So we've repaired a few of those and we’ve also repaired or installed a lot of generator panels for people to get some heat back on.”

NB Power says they're aiming to have those hard to reach places online tomorrow.

Just in time, too.

“There's a weather system coming on the weekend that we're keeping our eye on, so we'll have some crews positioned in areas where we might get some gusty winds,” said Belliveau.

For some, the storm hit more than trees and powerlines: it hit them in their pocket book too.

“I'm hearing stories of other folks, like neighbours, who were not set up and they lost tremendous amount of food, because they lost their freezers, they lost their fridges, and everything in them,” said Sanipass. “It's getting pretty frustrating with NB Power, they just keep putting the rates up, but at the same time they're not providing the quality of service that we seem to be paying for.”

Sanipass knows crews are working hard  but says that doesn’t do much to help the frustration people feel every time they lose power, which for him he says is every time there’s a storm.

NB Power says they are deeply appreciative of people's patience during this outage.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Laura Brown.