This simple cross was meant to honour the memory of 15-year-old Kylie Cooper, killed in a recent collision on Highway 2 in Wellington, N.S.

It was removed Wednesday night by city workers.

“It took everything in my power last week to come here and put that cross up,” said Marlene Cooper, Kylie’s mother.

The municipality took it down after two complaints were lodged.

“We treat them as any other sign that might be in the ‘right of way’ and for us, it was in the municipal right of way, so we removed the cross,” said Halifax Regional Municipality spokesman Brendan Elliott.

Citing privacy laws, the city won't say what complaints led to the cross being taken away. Workers didn't know who put the cross-up in the first place.

The family heard about its removal through word-of-mouth.

“They should never, ever, do this to another family again,” said Cooper.

Halifax Regional Coun. Steve Streatch returned the cross today, this time though, moving it further back from the road at the corner of Abilene Avenue and Highway 2.

The collision happened the evening of June 10.

Kylie Cooper died from her injuries in hospital and an 87-year-old man died at the scene.

His family are in favour of removing the cross, saying it's a constant reminder of how their father died.

In a statement to CTV News, they say they can understand the meaning behind this memorial for the Cooper family, but they too are grieving.

"While we understand the need to grieve and that each person has their own way to do that, we find the cross at Oaken Hills in memory of Kylie Cooper to be a reminder that we have to see each and every day as we live in this area.

Our 87-year-old father, husband, grandfather and great grandfather (Joe) died in his car that was engulfed in flames and pushed into the guardrail. Not only do we drive by the accident, so do the people that tried to get Joe out and had to stand by and watch the car burn with Joe in it.  The guardrail being fixed and the road being paved has given us some comfort. The cross being there is a reminder of our dad’s death and is making it impossible for us to move on from this tragic accident.

We send our thoughts and prayers to the family of Kylie and the others involved, but hope people can understand how seeing this cross hurts our family and makes us reminded of this terrible event that has connected ours and Kylie’s family forever."  - The Dominix and Johnson family.

Streatch says he recognizes both families are trying cope with what happened.

“This is a time where we have to come together, where we have to find strength from within, and I want to help bridge those gaps,” he said.

“If nothing else, it should serve as a reminder for everyone to be safe on the road,” Cooper said.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Suzette Belliveau.