HALIFAX -- Two shooting incidents in the Halifax area on the weekend have people talking about the amount of gun violence in the city.

There was no shortage of police near Mulgrave Park on Sunday night after reports of gunfire and a dark-coloured sedan speeding-away from the scene.

When a 25-year-old man turned-up in hospital with a gunshot wound 20 minutes later, the matter became even more serious.

"I just heard three shots, and then I heard two cars going out behind each other, like kind of taking off fast out of the parking lot here," said area resident Lynn Ozon.

At the moment, no arrests have been made, but that wasn't the only shooting incident in the Halifax area on Sunday.

A quiet afternoon in North Preston was upended when shots were fired on Downey Road.

Police found a damaged vehicle, but nobody was hurt.

Investigators are looking for a black car.


Just last week, another car was shot up in Dartmouth. No one was injured, but peace in the neighbourhood was shattered like a piece of glass.

"The first thing I think is the poor mothers, the families, people that have to deal with the aftermath," said Janice Richards, who knows that journey all too well.

Her son, Tyler, was shot to death during a spate of violence in Halifax in 2016.

The talented basketball player is memorialized on a mural in Mulgrave Park, and his mother says the steady stream of gun violence is deeply upsetting.

"I just get sick to my stomach," Richards said. "I just get sick to it. I feel so unsafe."

She wonders, too, where the guns are coming from, a sentiment shared back in "Mulgrave Park.

"Like, does everybody have a gun, or....?" Ozon said.

That's a question being asked by a growing number of Haligonians, as the number of shootings steadily rises.

Halifax Regional Police say there's no update on last night's shooting, but the victim did suffer non-life-threatening injuries.

Richards says she's glad to hear that, but worries constantly about many other young people, who, like her son, might not be as lucky.