MONCTON -- A mother is expressing relief that an arrest has been made following an investigation into allegations that women at the Moncton Hospital were given a labour-inducing drug without their consent, resulting in premature births.

Amanda Martin believes she was one of the mothers allegedly administered the labour-inducing drug without her consent, which resulted in her needing an emergency C-section in October 2018.

"It's still a bit of a blur today," Martin said on Wednesday. "I mean it was four minutes between going into emergency C-section and delivering my baby."

She says tears filled her eyes as she heard the news that an arrest had been made in the case.

"I said to my husband, I don't know why I'm crying," Martin said. "This is what we want, this is what we've been waiting for, but it's just so emotional that it definitely does trigger a lot of emotions."

RCMP confirmed exclusively to CTV News on Tuesday that an arrest was made in connection to a complaint received in March 2019 from Horizon Health revolving around the Moncton Hospital, where women allege they were inappropriately given the labour-inducing drug, oxytocin.

“A little bit relieved, because there is some progress, and you know it goes to show that they are doing something,” said Martin. “A little unnerved that they're not releasing the name."

Codiac RCMP spokesman Sgt. Mathieu Roy said he couldn’t reveal the identity of the accused because they haven’t been formally charged at this point.

In response to the arrest, Horizon Health said in part: "Horizon health network has cooperated with the RCMP investigation that has led to the pending criminal charges being laid against our former employee.

We will continue to participate in any future court proceedings as necessary."

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Horizon Health and former nurse Nicole Ruest.

Several mothers claim they were forced into unnecessary C-sections due to the non-consensual use of a labour-inducing drug - putting their lives and their babies' lives at risk.

Ruest has filed a statement of defence and denies the allegations.

Horizon Health has also denied the allegations and filed a cross claim against Ruest.

None of the allegations have been proven in court

RCMP say the arrested individual was released on the promise to appear in court in May 2020.

John McKiggan, the lawyer acting for the plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuit, says the certification motion, which will determine whether or not this case can proceed, will likely be decided in the fall of next year. He also says more than 100 women have come forward who believe they may have been affected.