SACKVILLE, N.B. -- A new virtual exhibit at Mount Allison University allows you to take a tour of local landmarks, without leaving your house.

‘You Are Here’, is an opportunity to virtually explore some of the artwork inside the Owens Art Gallery, which is currently closed to the public due to COVID-19.

But the exhibit is not limited to the Art Gallery, as an interactive map of the town of Sackville links pieces from the gallery to local landmarks.

“So basically there are 39 points on the map, which are works from the Owens collection, but it’s also possible for anybody using the map, exploring Sackville through it, to submit their own contributions,” says Rachel Thornton, Curator of Digital Engagement at the Owens Art Gallery.

The exhibit puts the spotlight on sites like the Sackville train station, Waterfowl park, and the Swan pond at Mount Allison.

“If you’re not able to travel to Sackville, it’s also designed to be something that you can explore virtually. So you can visit Sackville through these works,” says Lucy MacDonald, Curator of Education and Community Outreach at the Owens Art Gallery.

The project, which has been live since the end of August, encourages people to get in touch with their immediate surroundings, and learn more about the history of Sackville.

“It was actually used by the students self-isolating, they got an early preview of the project so they could explore Sackville while they were isolating in their residence rooms,” says Thornton.

A ‘Share Your View’ button also encourages participants to get outside to the landmarks and post creative responses through photos, drawings and poems.

“Representing the work of 23 artists, works that are over 100 years old, and works from 2020, that are really so new that they haven’t be installed yet.” explains Macdonald.

An interactive exhibit that will make you feel like ‘You Are Here’, no matter where you are tuning in from.