CANNING -- Nova Scotia RCMP are sifting through the rubble and scrolling through surveillance video, trying to piece together how a suspicious fire in Canning started.

Fire crews were called to Main Street early Sunday morning, but the blaze destroyed one building and damaged others.

The Mounties won't say what evidence they found to lead them to believe the fire was deliberately set.

"The investigation's ongoing and we can't comment on any evidence," Nova Scotia RCMP spokesman Const. Jeff Wilson said.

The fire spread to a storage unit used by nearby Valufoods, causing damage.

"In the grocery business you got to have backup items, especially like refrigerated stuff, frozen stuff," said Valufoods co-owner Elie Abdelmaffia. "The store is really, really busy, there's not much space in the store to keep the extra stuff, so we're going to be struggling a bit with that."

The fire meant the Canning Village Meat Market had to close its doors for two days, although they're grateful it didn't do more damage.

The store plans to reopen Wednesday.

"It's the third time the village has burnt and our store is still survived," said Andrew Huntley of the Canning Village Meat Market.

"This could have been a disaster," Huntley said. "This is my whole life, I've been here for 18 years, I don't know anything else now."

Darryl Darcy says he owns the building that burned to the ground.

He has no insurance and doesn't know what will happen next as police continue their investigation.

"I've talked to the police," Darcy said. "People in the village have made it out like I burned my own place down, so, I'm trying to get on top of that. I'm even willing to take a lie detector for it because I don't want them wasting time on me, when they should be going after somebody if, this is what happened."

Meanwhile, the Mounties are asking for the public's help to figure out exactly how the fire started. Anyone with information is asked to call the New Minas RCMP at 902-679-5555.