LOCKHARTVILLE, N.S. -- One of the more painful aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic is how it affects the way people are able to mourn the loss of a loved one.

The Nova Scotia government has implemented a set of rules and restrictions to fight the spread of COVID-19. One such rule is limiting the number of people who can gather to five, which directly impacts the ability to hold a traditional funeral.

Brandon Jeremy West passed away last week at the age of 28. With his family unable to hold a funeral, their community stepped up to organize a unique tribute to the young man.

Nicholas Harris helped to bring together a mobile group of mourners, who showed their love by driving by the home of Brandon’s mother and father, Jackie and Dale, in Lockhartville, N.S.

“In the Facebook post we had put that you have remain in your vehicles, keep distance in between vehicles, and when you're done driving by the home, you have to go straight home,” says Harris.

“We didn't want to have any issues with anybody or the police, so we laid it right out so everybody knew exactly what we were trying to do.”

Approximately 286 vehicles made the trip Sunday night, with people waiting in a 25-minute line to show their support.

Harris says the tribute was tailored to Brandon.

“Brandon was always into motocross, him and his brother both, the whole family really is involved,” says Harris.

“A lot of people had put their dirt bike on the back of their truck.”

Brandon's own dirt bike was on display on his parent's lawn so people could see it one final time.

When the pandemic is over, a celebration of life will be held in Brandon’s honour.

However, Jackie and Dale say the touching tribute meant everything to them and provided comfort when they needed it most.