ROTHESAY, N.B. -- Seeking a change, a Quebec couple is chasing their dream to own an inn all the way to New Brunswick.

Not even a global pandemic could keep Tracy Pitts and Martin St. Denis from their 150-year-old, new business.

Pitts and St. Denis have always wanted to operate an inn of their own. After visiting the Shadow Lawn Inn in Rothesay, N.B. before the pandemic struck last year, they knew they found the perfect spot. 

“It felt like home as soon as we got here," says Pitts.

“I wanted something that was personal and friendly and when we came across the Shadow Lawn we fell in love. It was everything we were looking for, from the old heritage building that’s been kept up beautifully, to the welcoming team.”

They took the business over on April 1, after their two-week quarantine.

Moving from Gatineau, Q.C. to Rothesay has been a change.

“People are being extremely supportive and I always say to Tracy, if we don’t know somebody, we'll know somebody that will tell us who to go see," says St. Denis.

“Even walking down the street, not knowing anyone too well yet, everyone still says 'hello, welcome, hi, how are you.' That is not something from the bigger cities that happens."

Taking over a nine-room inn and restaurant would be an adventure under any circumstance.

“Of course any kind of big move across the country has got its challenge," St. Dennis says. "Along with buying a business is another challenge. Throw a pandemic in there, it’s been quite interesting.”

The couple say it's also been fulfilling.

“Tracy and I always had a common goal from day one," says St. Denis. “We always worked for other people and we said 'ok, we have both experience, we spend a lot of time together now, and we do have the knowledge and experience to be successful.'"

The couple doesn’t plan to make any big changes, they're just excited to become a part of the history of this old inn - their new home