The movement of homes from flood-prone areas has begun, nearly eight months after record flooding in Perth-Andover, N.B.

The effort to move homes is part of the province’s response to record flooding earlier this year.

New Brunswick will spend up to $8 million to move, flood proof, or buy out homes and businesses in low-lying areas.          

Of the more than 70 homeowners and business owners eligible for help from the provincial government’s flood proof or relocation plan, fewer than 20 have applied.

“Every house we move is one less house that is in danger,” says Wes McLean, Tory MLA for the riding of Victoria-Tobique

McLean isn’t worried by the numbers of those interested in moving their homes, acknowledging it is a big decision.

“They have to look for lots, they have to undertake a lot of work, work back and forth with local government to satisfy the process. It's not an easy undertaking, so that number doesn't really surprise me," says McLean.

Residents spent most of the day checking in on the process. Some say seeing the first home being moved will inspire others.

"I understand there is a lot of senior people that are looking for buyouts, rather than relocation, because they don't want to go through the hassle of relocation and I think this should show people that it can be done quite quickly and quite simply," says area resident Burpee Wagner.

Another home will be moved next week and at least two more before winter sets in.

McLean says the majority of relocations will take place next year, after another flood season.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Andy Campbell