Mount Saint Vincent University says it has now received a second complaint about an instructor who resigned after admitting to a sexual relationship with a student.

The university is not commenting on the nature of the second complaint against 40-year-old Michael Kydd, who resigned from his job as a business instructor.

The news comes a day after a 37-year-old female student told CTV News she entered into a consensual sexual relationship with Kydd.

“I was caught between ‘this is wrong’ and trying to tell myself I was overreacting and I needed to just be flattered,” said the student, whose identity CTV News has agreed to protect.

She said the relationship was brief and she broke it off in December.

She said she reported it to MSVU after growing concerned she received an inflated grade due to the relationship

“I engaged in an intimate relationship with a student and I just think that that’s the wrong thing to do,” Kydd said.

The university has received Kydd’s resignation but has yet to accept it.

Kydd also resigned from his full-time job as company president of Merit Contractors Association of Nova Scotia, but has been asked to remain on as a researcher.

“I believe that he knows that he has things that he has to deal with and he cannot put 150 per cent effort into what has to be done as president of Merit,” said the association’s Heather Cruickshank.

MSVU’s code of conduct requires faculty to disclose any issues of conflict of interest that may introduce  bias to their academic judgment.

Should a relationship occur, the code requires faculty to report it so steps can be taken to remove the student from the faculty member’s academic supervision.

Peter Halpin, executive director of the Association of Atlantic Universities, said relationships between students and teachers can result in an imbalance of power and should be reporter.

“The department chair has the power to take action which would likely be taking the student out of that situation where there is a perception of imbalance of power,” Halpin said.

The investigation into the two separate complaints is ongoing.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kelland Sundahl