HALIFAX -- Complaints about how Halifax Regional Municipality has so far been handling winter weather conditions are piling up, much like the snow and ice on city streets.

Parking lots look more like skating rinks following Wednesdays’ storm, rendering some areas, like Elizabeth Pearce’s 88-year-old fathers mailboxes, inaccessible.

“This – today – is just beyond treacherous for anybody, let alone a senior citizen who if they were to fall, it could be their life,” said Pearce.

Pearce says she has made Canada Post aware of the situation and hopes it’s dealt with before anyone falls.

Additional equipment was brought in to help city crews clear sidewalks and roads during Wednesday’s storm.

The overnight winter parking ban was enforced but 662 tickets were issued, that’s about 200 more than usual during a storm – adding extra hours, and dollars to the clean-up

“It just becomes a huge obstacle, a ripple effect throughout the operation,” said Trevor Harvie, Halifax Winter Operations.

Harvie says there was a lot of localized flooding, and while the municipality is in charge of clearing catch-basins, another pair of hands, doesn’t hurt.

“There are over 23 to 24 thousand catch basins across HRM, that’s a lot of catch basins to clean and remain clear. With the slush yesterday, you’d have them cleared and then it would just be repeatedly blocked, so you’d have to constantly stay there,” said Harvie.

Water levels on busy roadways, like those in Bayers Lake, have dropped significantly in the past 24 hours, and businesses like the Soul Harbour Mission Mart, re-opened today after being forced to close its doors yesterday.

“It was about one meter high, and there were some volunteers who tried to come. They got as far as the water and then they turned around and had to go back home,” said manager Louise Le Pierres.

The municipality says so far, crews have been dealing with more ice than snow this season, and they’ll continue working on what’s left of yesterday’s winter blast until everything is clear.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Suzette Belliveau