There are some things in life you just have to see to believe and the home of a Cape Breton woman who has spent most of her life collecting cat memorabilia is one of them.

So much so, that the home of Lynn Newman could be considered a cat lovers paradise.

"Most people, when I explain it to them, they think I'm exaggerating," said Newman. "When they first come here their mouths are open for 10 minutes -- every person that comes here -- and I have a lot of people that come in."

From ceiling to floor, kitchen counter to cupboard, everything follows the feline theme.

It all started when she was just a toddler.

"This started when I was three years old," Newman said. "A family member gave me a kitten and I went foolish. I think I came out loving cats though. My whole life I'm cat crazy."

The living room is also the cat's meow, with more memorabilia than furniture.

Even her bathroom is decorated with a cat them, but that isn't the strangest part.

"If anyone needs a cat condom, just give me a call," said Newman. "I have one there for you. It's only a novelty one. You don't know what might happen."

Moving down the hall, the cats even have their own room, and a bed just for them.

Across the hall is Newman's favourite room of them all.

"We're going into my famous room," Newman said. "My hello kitty room."

It's an entire room full of pink and plush.

"I just love cats," Newman says. "I love their little faces. I love their whiskers. I actually save cat whiskers. When I clean every day, I pick up any whiskers and I have a special box that their whiskers go in."

Downstairs, the feline frenzy continues. This isn't a man cave. She says it's a purrrfect paradise.

"I have collections in collections, like crystal collections, brass collections, card collects, game collections, ring collections, 200 watches," said Newman. "Bracelets, necklaces, anything."

And, believe it or not, Newman actually has a cat stroller. She says she takes two cats for a walk at a time. If you thought the inside was a little crazy, take a look at her car. It has an engine that purrs.

"I have nine indoor now," said Newman. "I lost three in the last four years."

She says when it comes to crazy cat ladies, she's best in show -- and proud of it.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Kyle Moore.