A Maritime boy got much more than he bargained for while trying to take a memorable photo.

Ten-year-old Brady Morris was visiting the “World’s Largest Lobster” monument in Shediac, N.B. on Tuesday when he found himself in a tight spot.

While the lobster monument is what usually draws tourists’ attention, Brady had other plans. He wanted his picture taken with a sculpture of a shark’s head located outside a gift shop.  

Brady put his head inside the shark figure’s mouth for what he thought would be a funny photo.

“I thought it’d be really awesome,” says Brady.

It turned out to be not so awesome – when Brady tried to remove his head, it was stuck.

“I tried to take my head out and there was something pulling against me and I looked around and there were teeth all around me and I couldn’t get out,” Brady recalls.

His sister, Jenna, was also there on the field trip for a local youth group. When it became clear that her brother wasn’t in any kind of immediate danger, she got out her camera phone.

“Somebody was like, ‘why don’t you videotape it?’,” says Jenna. “I was like ‘that’s a good idea’. I could give it to him and be like ‘this was my brother when he was younger being eaten by a shark’.”

Jenna also used her phone to keep their mother in the loop.

“Honestly, I laughed until I cried and then I would feel bad and then I’d stop laughing and then start laughing again,” says Brady’s mother, Tracy Amos.

Firefighters were called and were eventually able to free Brady from the shark’s grips.

Allaen Allien is a volunteer firefighter who was first on scene.

“There were three teeth there, so I had to hold his head so his teeth wouldn’t go through, but he didn’t panic. He was alright,” Allien tells CTV News.

Brady’s mother didn’t panic, either.

“I didn’t get a sense from Jenna that it was life threatening, so I wasn’t too worried,” says Amos. “I was worried he was going to be embarrassed.”

“When they got me out I turned around and everybody was there and I was like ‘uh-oh’, this is embarrassing,” says Brady. “Everybody was taking a picture of my butt.”

Even then, Brady was able to laugh about being trapped for nearly an hour. He even has a souvenir now – the shark tooth that was removed so he could be freed.”

The gift store says the shark will stay, though there’s now a sign telling people not to put their head inside.

As for Brady, he’s learned an important lesson.

“Don’t stick your head in things that have teeth.”

With files from CTV Atlantic's Nick Moore