MONCTON, N.B. -- A Moncton, N.B., woman says she is overwhelmed by the support from her community as she rides to raise money for cancer while battling the disease.

Gini Bourque is participating in the New Brunswick Doctors Cycling Against Cancer ride. Diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, Bourque is biking 15 kilometres a day to raise money to fight the disease.

Family friend Steve Crosby says he is inspired by Bourque’s determination and wanted to help her raise the money.

“I'm going to donate as well, but I want to do something extra and push her over her $2,000 limit, so I said, ‘If we can push it to $4,000 I’ll shave the beard,’” says Crosby.

“If she can get on a bike and go 15K a day, I can shave my beard.”

Bourque says she was touched by Crosby’s fundraising efforts.

“I was shocked that he wanted to, because I’ve never seen him without a beard and it was a really big deal. I know it came from the heart that he wanted to do it,” says Bourque.

To date, Bourque has raised over $16,000 thanks to the support of her community.

She will ride every day until Sunday to raise funds for the oncology clinic at the Moncton Hospital. She hopes to hit her new $20,000 goal, but is appreciative of how far she's already come.

“It's shocking, it's amazing, I'm shocked that I’m inspiring people the way that I am. We're getting all sorts of great support,” says Bourque.

On Tuesday’s ride, Bourque made a stop at Forest Glen School in Moncton.

“She wanted to wish us all a happy summer, because this is our last day of school, so she decided to make us one of her stops,” says Dina Bourque, Gini Bourque’s sister.

Dina and her fellow teachers were happy to be able to support Bourque as she rides.

“She's always been our supporter through the Terry Fox Walk and this way she comes back and it’s sort of going full circle,” says Krista Richard, a teacher at Forest Glen School in Moncton.

“She's finding light and bringing light and she's like this little ray of sunshine on her little bike coming by. It was beautiful,” says Heather Hollett, a teacher at Forest Glen School.