The holidays won’t be the same in Northeastern New Brunswick this year.

Four young people are dead after what was meant to be a fun night out in Tracadie-Sheila.

The car they were in slid down a hill and into a river early Saturday morning.

The names of the victims’ were confirmed Sunday. RCMP say they are 17-year-old Marie-HélèneGauvin, 18-year-old Tommy Losier, 19-year-old Brian Basque and 20-year old Alexandre McGraw.

All four are from Tracadie-Sheila and the surrounding area.

RCMP say the vehicle was trying to make its way up a hill, spun out of control, left the road and then landed in the Tracadie River.

The vehicle and four bodies were found Saturday afternoon.

The crash was in a remote area of the old Tracadie Military Range, on what police say was an unserviced road.

Sunday morning church services in Tracadie-Sheila that were supposed to celebrate this time of year became a place to mourn the four lives lost.

“The priest asked us for a moment of silence to pray for the victims and their families,” says parishioner Robert Gauvin. “It was quite touching, especially this time of year.”

The mayor of Tracadie-Sheila is asking people to give the families space. 

“To respect the family, let the family make decisions,” says Aldéoda Losier, mayor of Tracadie-Sheila. “Even if the community wants to do something I still believe that it has to come from the family. We will contact the family but it will be the family’s decision.”

 With files from CTV Atlantic’s Nick Moore.