HALIFAX -- Cleanup continued in many areas of New Brunswick on Saturday after high winds on Friday left thousands in the dark. As of Saturday evening, over six-thousand customers are without power. However, that figure is dropping rapidly.

As of Saturday morning, more than 13,000 people woke up without power across the province – some relying on generators during the outage.

NB Power officials say 60,000 thousand customers were in the dark during the peak of Friday’s storm, which saw waves crashing against coastlines across the Maritimes.

Homes along Cameron Road in Rothesay, N.B., have been without power since Friday afternoon following a large downed tree – which brought power lines and poles down with it.

“I was ready to holler to my husband and say ‘I don't think that tree is going to make it,’” says resident Beth Brown. “And it just came down."

Brown and her husband consider themselves lucky as their generator kicked in soon after the power was knocked out.

"I'm embarrassed to say that we’re not inconvenienced at all,” says Brown. “The generator is picking up everything for us – it makes us happy that we invested in a generator."

However, the couple is sharing their blessing with their neighbours by offering a plug-in for those in need.

"My husband made up a sign so that anyone that we weren't speaking to would know that they could come," says Brown.

Unfortunately, for nearby neighbour Marion Eagles, she says without power the food in both her fridge and deep freeze is a write-off.

"A volunteer from my church got the groceries for me on Wednesday – a fresh new grocery order,” says Eagles. “And this happened – on Friday of the same week."

However, there’s no shortage of help. NB Power says over 155 crews have been working since Friday to restore power to those still without – giving hope to those in the dark.

"At 9:10 a.m., he [NB Power employee] told me the very earliest would be tomorrow afternoon,” says Eagles. “That sounds pretty optimistic to me."

Meanwhile, around 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, NB Power released a statement saying all available resources have been mobilized across the province and that crews have been assessing the damage and restoring power as quickly and safely as possible – noting most of the outages were caused mainly by downed trees.