A pair of families who struggled to get their belongings from a moving company now have some closure after getting their things back.

Krista Happeney and Emily McCutcheon hired Green Moving and Storage to move all their stuff from Alberta, but say they were grossly overcharged.

Both families are elated.

"My slippers. You don't know how much I’ve been missing my slippers," said Happeney.

Happeney says the Toronto-based moving company increased the price of her move by $2,100, and wouldn't give her furniture back until she paid them.

“I'm so glad to have my things home because at one point I didn't think I was going to get them," says Happeney.

McCutcheon’s family had their belongings seized by Toronto Police as part of an investigation into several companies, including Green Moving and Storage.

"I remember every box I packed,” says McCutcheon. “I see my name on them. I know what's in them. It's wonderful. You know, to finally see them again."

When Premiere Van Lines of Fredericton found out about the situation, the company offered their truck in the Toronto area to the two families free of charge.

"I give full marks to the law enforcement in Toronto and the government agencies that are bringing some pressure to bear on these guys, because they've pretty well had it their way for a long time," says Gregg Doucette, the president of Premiere Van Lines.

Green Moving and Storage has not responded to CTV’s requests for comment; however, a company representative said earlier the alleged victims had not made their payments.

None of the allegations have been proven, though a Toronto area man is expected in court next month to face fraud charges.

"There were lots of days that we sat and hung our heads and thought we'd never see our furniture again - ever," says Joseph McCutcheon, Emily’s husband.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Mike Cameron