LOWER COVERDALE, N.B. -- Laura Ann Davis was murdered in 1987 and the man responsible is now up for full parole. This is the first time Ron Davis won't be able to attend a parole hearing for the man responsible for his daughter's murder.

"The possibility was that he could be getting full parole," Ron Davis says. "We sort of wanted to be there so we could see him and see emotions or expressions from him, to see the two judges when they're questioning him."

Patrice Mailloux was convicted of killing Laura Ann Davis in the spring of 1988. The 16-year-old was murdered while closing her family’s convenience store.

Mailloux was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 20 years.

"I really don't feel for the type of shooting, it was like an assassination," Ron Davis says.

On Wednesday, Mailloux will be eligible for full parole in Quebec, where Davis and his family had hoped to be present.

Due to COVID-19, they are not permitted to attend in person.

"This one's a hard one, where he could walk and you're not going to be there to see it or read your statement in front of him," Ron Davis said. "So, I find that very difficult."

Davis had asked the Parole Board of Canada to delay the hearing until the family could be present.

CTV News requested a statement from the board but we didn't hear back by publishing time.

The Davis family will read their victim statements over the phone; no video conference will be provided.

"It's terrible what it does to your body and you never forget it," Ron Davis says. "And every time something similar happens in town or Canada, it brings it all back. And every parole hearing, it brings it all back."

The loss of his daughter is one that is felt just as strongly, nearly 33 years later -- and the first time he won't be physically present to hear the fate of his daughter's killer.