PETITCODIAC, N.B. -- A young girl from New Brunswick with a big heart has gone out of her way to help the less fortunate.

Keeley Berry loves to knit and she's one of several community members who have lent a helping hand.

Last year, when she was 10, she started making winter hats for family and friends.

"At first, I just made a hat for me, my sister and a girl my mom knows," Berry said. "And then she posted on Facebook about maybe starting a business for me."

That business took off and, after selling 50 hats, she decided to put the money to good use by buying more yarn.

"I made hats for the Humanity Project for free because I thought of all those people that don't have a home, that should be able to stay warm," Berry said.

Charlie Burrell is founder of the Humanity Project and says donations have actually decreased at the shelter during the pandemic.

"I think its going to be a huge help," Burrell said. "And the number of people we serve on a daily basis has increased."

That makes Keeley's hard work that much more special.

Keeley isn't the only one who has made a generous donation recently, however.

Another couple donated winter gear, including almost 100 pairs of socks, 45 gloves, hats, Tim Hortons gift cards and more.

"We go through a lot of socks, gloves, hats, mittens, different things," Burrell said. "So to have those donated or even hand warmers, that is a huge, huge help for people."

Help that is going to continue to come from people like Keeley.

"Now, she's currently working on another 50 more hats," said Byron Berry, Keeley's father.

A heartwarming effort to keep the most vulnerable warm during the frigid winter months.