HALIFAX -- The Government of New Brunswick has closed a property in Upper Sackville, N.B., following an investigation into illegal drug activity.

In a news release from the province, it says an application was submitted to close the property located at 2039 Upper Aboujagane Rd. for 90 days. The order, which has been granted, requires all persons to vacate the property for the period prescribed in the order.

Peace officers with the Department of Justice and Public Safety, along with the Safer Communities Program, investigated the property and allege that it was being used for illegal drug activity, "which was having an adverse effect on the community."

"In accordance with the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act, an application to have the property closed for 90 days was granted on June 2 by Justice Denise A. LeBlanc," read the release.

Justice and Public Safety officers say property owners will be held accountable for illegal activities that occur on their property. These prescribed activities include:

  • producing, selling or using illegal drugs
  • prostitution
  • unlawful sale or consumption of alcohol and cannabis
  • unlawful activities linked to or promoting organized crime
  • child sexual abuse/exploitation
  • unlawful gaming activities
  • possession of illegal firearms or explosives

The Safer Communities Program helps residents and communities that are adversely affected by illegal activity.