SAINT JOHN, N.B. -- A New Brunswick father is speaking out tonight after he says his daughter was essentially left "stranded" in Nova Scotia for about a week.

After being transferred to hospital in Halifax for a biopsy, he says there was confusion around who would be bringing her back home and when.

Darrell Tidd's daughter, Ashley, was transferred from the Saint John Regional Hospital to the QEII on April 22 for a biopsy.

The 26-year-old Ashley has been diagnosed with leukemia and there are concerns she could have another form of cancer.

The biopsy was completed the next day, but her father says she was then left in a sort of "limbo."

"She was told still that an ambulance would be picking her up, Ambulance New Brunswick, I believe, on that Monday," Tidd said from St. George, N.B. "That never happened. Then she was told on Tuesday an ambulance from Nova Scotia would take her the whole way and that fell through."

It wasn't until early Thursday morning that she eventually arrived back at the Saint John Regional Hospital, where she is now in isolation.

Tidd says the ambulance service in Nova Scotia took her as far as Moncton, then paramedics in New Brunswick brought her back to Saint John.

It's an ordeal he says has taken a toll.


"To put this added stress on patients that the province has transferred from one province to another is just ridiculous," Tidd says.

Tidd says he understands that there's a pandemic and an outbreak in Nova Scotia, which is now in lockdown, but he believes there has to be a better way.

CTV Atlantic reached out to the New Brunswick Department of Health, but they but referred the matter to Ambulance New Brunswick.

In a statement, Ambulance New Brunswick says when it comes to patient transfers, it is "following the directives and protocols established by public health to keep New Brunswickers healthy and safe during this pandemic."

For now, Tidd is just glad to have his daughter back home --- and this ordeal behind them.