Caitlin Middleton says she felt relieved after finding out a class-action lawsuit has been launched against Horizon Health, and former nurse Nicole Ruest.

“I was relieved that someone was speaking out about it, and that her name was released and action is being taken,” says Middleton.

On Thursday, lawyers representing women who suspect they were given a labour-inducing drug without their consent announced they filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against the New Brunswick hospital where they were treated.

Middleton and another mother, Sydney Peck, have now handed over their medical records to a lawyer, in hopes to join the class action suit, and get answers as to whether they were given the labour-inducing drug Oxytocin without their consent.

But there are still a range of emotions, including anger and frustration over the lack of answers from Horizon Health.

“I feel victimized and violated,” adds Middleton.

“How long did this go on? Who was all involved? And why was it missing all this time?” asks Sydney Peck.

Peck says she’s not happy with the response she’s received from Horizon Heath.

“Definitely won’t be going back to Horizon. They’ve broken my trust. Not just Nicole (Ruest), the whole hospital,” says Peck.

Middleton says she had an appointment scheduled at the hospital with her OB-GYN to discuss her case file, but the appointment was cancelled.

“She said on the phone to me that she thought I was affected by this, but after the press release yesterday, within 15 minutes she cancelled,” says Middleton.

While Horizon Health and the N.B. government has remained tightlipped, the leader of New Brunswick’s Green Party is speaking out.

David Coon says he would like to see an expanded role for the province’s ombudsman’s office, which he believes would be a huge help.

“It would be important for government to reassure people that they’re on top of this situation and they are taking steps to ensure these kind of things don’t happen, or at least don’t get to the point where they become a bigger problem,” says Coon.

But major skepticism and frustration remains from mothers who believe they were affected.

“I think further investigation needs to be done with the hospital, because this doesn’t add up,” says Sydney Peck.

None of the allegations against Ruest and the hospital have been proven in court. RCMP have not laid any charges in the case and the investigation is still ongoing.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kate Walker.