FREDERICTON, N.B. -- New Brunswick’s municipal elections have been going on since Monday, except for one region in the province that remained in the orange phase of recovery until May 11.

While most votes are in across the province, campaigns are just kicking off in New Brunswick’s Edmundston-Madawaska region, which just returned to the province’s yellow phase of recovery on Tuesday.

“Essentially today is sort of the reboot and restart of the election in the Edmundston-Madawaska region,” says Paul Harpelle, spokesperson for Elections N.B. “They went into the lockdown with public health orders, everything there was suspended until now. Essentially they have two days of advanced voting like all others did, and then they’ll have their election day on May 25.”

Advanced polling in the region will also take place on Monday, May 17.

“I know there are a lot of anxious candidates whose election ended on May 10, and have been waiting to see their results,” says Harpelle. “We appreciate their patience and understanding, that under the legislation we had to wait for electors in Edmundston to have their day, and have their chance to vote.”

This has been a different kind of municipal election for the province.

For many, there was no excitement on election night, just sitting tight and waiting for results.

“It has been a little anticlimactic,” says Cassandra Blackmore, candidate for Fredericton Ward 10. “This was my first time running and when we thought that we were going to see the results on May 10, we were pretty excited. It was going to lead up to that anticipation of knowing whether you were going to win or not.”

Vote tabulating machines from across the province are currently under lock and key in Fredericton until the Edmundston-Madawaska region wraps up their day at the polls.

When those polls close at 8 p.m. on May 25, the reporting of results for the entire province will take place that evening at approximately 8:05 p.m.

Electors can also vote by special ballot, directly at the Edmundston returning office, which opens Monday until Saturday, up to and including election day.