Tuesday was the year-anniversary of the provincial election that returned the Liberals to power in New Brunswick.

Premier Brian Gallant used the opportunity to look back, but also to look ahead into what’s in store for the province.

"We're very excited about the prospects of ensuring that we continue the momentum when it comes to economic development that we have going in the province right now,” said Gallant. “I'm very excited of finalizing these decisions with New Brunswickers, because after that, we'll know that every dollar we spend as a government will be going to the priorities of New Brunswickers."

Gallant’s Liberals toppled David Alward’s Tories last year on Sept. 22 – but it wasn't until early the next morning that election results became final. Difficulties with tabulators brought vote counting to a halt for several hours.

While Gallant talks of moving forward, opposition Tories say the province has spent the past year in reverse.

Interim Conservative Leader Bruce Fitch says it's been a year of one bad government decision after another, highlighted by the proposal to take seniors’ assets to cover nursing home costs.

"It took them six months to realize it was a bad policy, even though they're still blaming communications, media and the seniors group," said Fitch.

The anniversary also marks one year since the election of New Brunswick’s first Green Party MLA.

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon says it’s been a good year for the province.

"I have raised, in the legislature, a lot of issues that otherwise would not have been raised,” he said. “Made a lot of proposals for solutions – for change, that otherwise would not have been brought forward into the discussion."

Gallant says his plans for moving forward will continue later this week with another job creation announcement.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Andy Campbell.