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N.B. RCMP member charged with trying to meet minor for sexual offences: police


A New Brunswick RCMP member has been charged after allegedly making an arrangement for the purpose of “facilitating sexual offences” with a person whom he believed to be under 16-years-old.

The RCMP says Cpl. Jeremy Bastarache of the New Brunswick RCMP was charged on Monday, and they have referred the investigation to the Serious Incident Response Team (SiRT).

“SiRT has supported the RCMP criminal investigation by overseeing the expertise of our specialized policing services such as the Integrated Child Exploitation (ICE) and Digital Forensics Units,” said Cpl. Hans Ouellette with the RCMP in a statement on Tuesday.

“SiRT’s oversight will continue for the entirety of the investigation.”

Bastarache appeared in court in New Brunswick on Tuesday and was released on conditions. The RCMP says he has also been suspended with pay.

Suspension with pay standard, says criminologist

St. Thomas University professor and criminologist Michael Boudreau says police officers cannot be seen to be or act above the law.

“Any criminal charge against a police officer we have to take more seriously than any criminal charge against a civilian because the police, (it) is their job to uphold and enforce the law,” he said.

Boudreau says while some would like to see the practice changed, suspension with pay is standard across New Brunswick and the country.

“I know that some chiefs of police have lobbied for the authority to suspend without pay. But the problem with that, it does send the message that, ‘We think the individual is guilty,’ when they've not gone through with due process,” he said.

The allegations have not been proven in court.

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