With the hunting season just around the corner in New Brunswick, the government is asking if the legal age should be lower.

Natural Resources is looking at changing the age from 14 to 12. Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northup says the New Brunswick Wildlife Federation asked for the change in an effort to attract young people to hunting. He says the age would conform with federal legislation and with most other jurisdictions in North America.

Those in the hunting community are happy the consideration is being made.

“He’s really listened to what the hunting public want and it’s just a great opportunity and just something that we, as a hunting group, have been trying to get for a long time,” says avid hunter and National Wild Turkey Federation President Rob

Wilsonsays lowering the hunting age would be a great way to get kids involved in an outdoor activity.

“It gets more kids out and enjoying the sports, out into the environment and enjoying the woods. Get them away from that computer; get them away from the tablet, or whatever they’re using.”

The age change would be also be good news for those in the hunting business.

“We have clients that come in with their kids - four, five, right up through to 25,” sports shop employee Larry Boylef tells CTV News. “The kids show a great interest with the hunting in New Brunswick. It’s one of our main staples for employment.”

The proposed regulations would allow youths between 12 and 16 to hunt small game while accompanied by an adult after they have completed firearms safety and hunter education courses

The deadline for public input is August 14. The government is looking to amend regulations under the Fish and Wildlife Act to permit the change on September 1.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ashley Dunbar