Two teachers in New Brunswick are hitting all the right notes with their students after putting their own spin on James Corden’s carpool karaoke.

The late-night talk-show host is known for his popular segment, in which he invites famous musicians to belt out their top tunes while they drive around in his vehicle.

That gave Melanie Mealey and Armand Doucet -- teachers who carpool to Riverview High School -- an idea.

“Armand and I really do carpool and I put a picture on his Facebook saying, ‘Happy birthday new carpool buddy,’ and it was a still of James Corden and Elton John, their carpool karaoke, and he said, ‘We should really do this for real,’” recalls Melanie Mealey.

“We thought it would be really fun for the kids to see their teachers putting themselves out there. It’s also really risky to put yourself out there and go, ‘I may not be the most amazing, but this is something that I think will be good for other people, so I’m going to try it.’”

Their own carpool karaoke video has more than 14,000 views after they posted it to Riverview High School’s Facebook page last week.

Victor Lopez, the school’s class president, says he and his fellow classmates got a kick out of their teachers crooning during their commute.

“It was pretty funny. Everyone was giggling and laughing because it was fun to see a side of the teachers you don’t usually see in the classroom,” says Lopez.

Principal Jason Reath says he’s on board with the singalong sessions, but it might be a while before students see him singing behind the wheel.

“I could maybe be persuaded to, if it’s the right song,” says Reath. “It would have to be a throwback to maybe 80s or 90s rap music, maybe.”

Mealey says they plan to post a new video each month, and will be ramping up the musical theatrics.

“There may be costumes involved at some point,” she says. “We have a really big plan for the finale in June that will have a lot of people involved. It’s going to be fun!”

With files from CTV Atlantic's Eilish Bonang