The Kings County Tourism Association in New Brunswick is looking to find a buyer for a unique covered bridge.

The 13-year-old structure was built for tourists looking for information during the summer. But tourism operator Larry Adair says the number of people stopping for information is down.

“Every year it gets harder and harder,” said Adair. “Everybody is going to the iPhone, Internet, because I don't see anybody going in to pick up a brochure or anything.”

The tourism association is hoping to sell the bridge for $400,000 by the fall.

“We probably would back down and say yes to that, but they’d have to agree to take it over in the fall,” said tourist operator Doug Cosman.

The tourism association says the money coming out would return to Sussex as a marketing program.

Both Adair and Cosman say the bridge’s location has the potential to be any number of things.

“Larry and I have talked about it a little bit, thinking somebody may want to put a few trailers in there overnight,” said Cosman.

They both credit former manager Bill Crouch, who passed away a year ago, for keeping the facility afloat.

“We need somebody like that as a young couple to come in and take it over, and put their heart and soul into it,” said Adair.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Nick Moore.