Nellie Harris’ friends and family gathered at her nursing home in Tabusintac, N.B. Monday, to help her celebrate a momentous occasion – her 109th birthday.

Harris was born on September 14, 1906 - 13 years before women could vote in New Brunswick.

Her father was a farmer and fisherman and her mother was a schoolteacher.

As a young woman, Harris moved to the United States to become a nurse's aide.

Harris lived independently until 2009 and says she enjoys the nursing home where she now resides.

“They really keep it nice and they keep it clean and they try to do a lot for us,” says Harris.

The nursing home's administrator, Gayle Churchill, says it's nice having Harris' insight on history.

“She has been around with the horse and buggy and has seen electric cars, so it is just amazing to even be in her same presence, it's wonderful she is able to be here,” says Churchill.

Very few can say they’ve lived to know what 109 feels like.

“I am tired. At times, I am tired,” says Harris.

Harris says she doesn’t have many regrets in life, but if she had to do it all again, she would have put a stronger emphasis on education.

With files from CTV Atlantic's David Bell