MONCTON, N.B. -- A New Brunswick woman is preparing to run 50 km to help tackle homelessness in Moncton.

The Humanity Project is a not-for-profit group that works to ignite social change. Runner Amy Pidt is raising funds to help the organization with its newest project.

“It’s gonna be a game-changer, so I’m super excited to put my support behind this,” says Pidt.

“I’ve volunteered at the Humanity Project with my boys for three years now and it’s changed me, but more importantly it’s changed them.”

The Humanity Project recently purchased a 160-acre piece of land in Little River, N.B. The group hopes people will use the space to grow their own food and their goals.

“It’s going to be a rehabilitation and re-integration retreat,” says Charlie Burrell, founder of the Humanity Project.

“The first part is to rehabilitate people and help them get off their addiction, whether it be drugs or alcohol, and the second part is to set them up with their goals.”

A retired MMA fighter, Pidt will complete her run on Oct. 17. She'll begin at the Humanity Project, make her way through downtown Shediac, and finish at Aboiteau Beach in Cap-Pelé.

Pidt says she was inspired to do the run because it is a cause close to her heart.

“I came from a home that did their best, but I came from addiction, trauma, and a bit of trouble. I then followed a bit of trouble myself,” she says.

Now a service co-ordinator with twin boys, who also freelances as a radio announcer, Pidt says she's determined to leave a positive note on 2020.

“Love, dignity, and respect, 1,000 per cent, it’s what Charlie says at the Humanity Project and it’s the truth. It’s everything,” says Pidt.

Proceeds from the run will go towards the $500,000 needed for renovations.

"She is an incredibly driven, amazing human being,” says Burrell.

“Our organization and our community is lucky to have somebody that cares that much about other people.”

Those looking to donate can do so at the downtown Moncton Goodlife, Humanity Project, or at Pidt’s finish line next month.