HALIFAX -- Two Indigenous New Brunswick women wrote and illustrated a new children’s book featuring Mi'kmaq words that correspond to the English alphabet.

Shyla Augustine, the author of ‘Mi’Kmaq Alphabet Book’, says she learned a lot while researching the book.

"We don't have each letter, we don't follow the same as the English language, so I learned a lot through that way and I got a lot of help with trying to find things to replace," said Augustine.

Mi’Kmaq Alphabet Book

Braelyn Cyr, the illustrator of the 'Mi'Kmaq Alphabet Book,' says the pair wanted to add as much Mi'Kmaq terminology as possible.

"There were some letters that we don't have in the alphabet, so we did have to come up with alternatives, so we decided to just leave out any translations for those words," said Cyr.

Mi’Kmaq Alphabet Book

Cyr says working on the book was a chance to reconnect with her roots.

"It's been a really great experience, it's allowed me to reconnect with the community as well, and allowing children to make that connection as well in the future," said Cyr.

Mi’Kmaq Alphabet Book

Augustine says not only was she excited to have the book published, but she was looking forward to sharing it with her children as well.  

"Not only did I learn more about my culture, I feel like I learned more about myself, my children learned more about themselves, and they can use this language in their everyday lives now and feel more confident when they speak," said Augustine.

The book called Mi'Kmaq Alphabet Book is expected to be released in March. It is now available for pre-orders online.

Mi’Kmaq Alphabet Book