Two brothers and a transgender man and his fiancée are among the Maritimers suiting up for season three of "The Amazing Race Canada."

Transgender man hopes to be positive role model

Hamilton Elliott and Michaelia Drever of Centreville, N.S. became best friends after meeting in military cadets six years ago. After four years of friendship, they started dating and recently got engaged in Paris.

Elliott has been transitioning from female to male since he was 15 years old and he says Drever has supported him through the process, first as his best friend and now as his fiancée.

He says he hopes to be a positive role model for the transgender community and wants to encourage others to live their truth.

“I want Canadians to know that the search for one’s true gender identity is challenging, but ultimately rewarding,” says Elliott.

They say their background as cadets and extensive travel experience will give them an advantage in the competition, and their motto is ‘go big or go home.’

If they win, they plan to explore and travel the world together.

“We’ve yet to escape to our dream destinations, Iceland and Greece, but hope to do so in the near future,” says Drever.

Brothers believe East Coast charm will be beneficial

Brent and Sean Sweeney, brothers from Musquodoboit Harbour, N.S., say they try not to take life too seriously and maintain a great sense of humour in their everyday adventures.

While they may not be the most physically fit team in the competition, they believe their strong will and determination, combined with their regional appeal and charm, will be advantageous.

“Sometimes it’s the people no one imagines anything of, that do the things no one can imagine,” says Brent. 

The self-proclaimed ‘Beasts from the East’ are currently pursuing their dreams and studying design in Toronto. They say they will pay off student loans, help their parents, and travel if they win.

A total of 12 teams will race to win more than $1 million in prizes. CTV has announced the first six teams competing on the reality competition series, which premieres July 8.

Other contestants include best friends Dana Hayward and Amanda Johnston, who are officers with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary in St. John’s.

UFC fighter Elias Theodorou and girlfriend Max Altamuro from Toronto are also in the race.

Rounding out the list are Montreal couple Nic La Monaca and Sabrina Mercuri and brothers Gino and Jesse Montani from Hamilton, Ont.