HALIFAX -- For nearly 50 years, Barbara Lahey has called her humble trailer in Main-a-Dieu, N.S. home.

Lahey says it was a beautiful spot when she moved in after getting married in 1971, but it’s now seen better days.

“It’s going to be bitter sweet when this is knocked down,” says Lahey. “This is where all my kids lived, all the memories. So that’s going to be hard.”

In recent years, her trailer has fallen into disrepair. Last month it suffered serious wind damage during post-tropical storm Teddy.

After her husband passed away, Lahey say the trailer has been harder to maintain, but recently, help arrived from the small community she has called home for nearly 50 years.

“Who comes to your door and tells you they want to build a house for you because yours can’t be fixed?” asks Lahey.

When word spread through the small fishing community that Lahey needed help, the community came together quickly to deliver, even during a pandemic.

“Just watching all of this, you kind of forget about everything that’s happening. This is why I’m here, so I can get my mind off of it, and help someone for a good cause,” says Main-a-Dieu resident Sarah Forgeron.

It’s been a team effort from the beginning, both on the ground, and through organizing efforts on social media.

“It’s heartwarming for sure,” says Forgeron. “We’re all here donating our time, and everybody here knows of similar cases, so this is just a start and maybe we can help more in the community.”

On Thursday, dozens gathered to help clear the away for Barbara’s new home. The home itself is being built off site, and will soon arrive on the oceanfront property.

Barbara says while she’s flattered that everyone would go through all of this trouble for her, in a way, she’s not surprised.

“This is our community. It’s what they do. It’s amazing,” says Lahey. “If something happens, everybody chips in and helps and does what they can do. It’s always been that way since I’ve been here.”

Her friends and neighbours say they are looking forward to a housewarming party when all is done, but they’re not expecting anything else in return.