A rally was held in New Waterford, N.S. today to show support for the parents of 17-year-old Clayton Miller whose body was found face down in a brook days after police raided a teen party.

The incident happened in New Waterford more than two decades ago and the Millers have always maintained that police played a role in their son’s death.

Many community members, like Samantha Miles, say they want to see the case examined more closely.

“I hope the community gets the answers they’re looking for,” says Miles.

Members of the Miller family were touched by the support from the community.

“They came from everywhere,” says Clayton’s grandfather, Gervase Miller. “Some got the ferry yesterday from Newfoundland…now that the government is looking at it again, we’re hoping it’s going to make a difference.”

An autopsy performed in 1990 determined that the teen died of Emphysema. A recent review of that autopsy revealed that Clayton’s elbows were both dislocated and that he was missing teeth and appeared to have a gash on his head that wasn’t noted in earlier examinations.

This new information was discovered by retired nurse Kate Dwyer who has a background in pathology. She stood with the Millers today.

“I basically know very little about this story other than the facts and the facts don’t add up,” she says.

The Millers say they will keep fighting with the intention of taking their case to court.