Many Maritimers spent Friday preparing for Arthur by getting extra groceries and taking in patio furniture. However, for some Maritimers, getting ready for Saturday involves a whole lot more.

Jennifer Racicot and Andrew Grantham are preparing for a big storm, as well as their big day. After six months of planning, the couple will be saying their ‘I dos’ in Lunenburg as the storm brings wind and rain to Nova Scotia.

“It was scheduled to be at the exact moment of the start of our ceremony, the eye was going to be on top of us, but now it looks like it will be politely curving around us,” says Grantham.

The couple is busy making sure their venue is perfect, which includes adding some new décor and changing some plans.

“We were going to have this harpist play this beautiful music and then we would all go outside and have champagne and strawberries on the deck, so, I don’t think that’s going to happen,” says Racicot.

The only thing the pair doesn’t have is a generator, but they say that is just part of the excitement.

“We purchased a lot of battery-operated equipment,” says Grantham. “A battery operated boom box that will run for six hours for our reception.”

The couple says they are determined to make the best of the situation.

“If it’s safe and no one is in danger, we’ll probably end up outside and getting pictures in the rain, not going to go down by the water though,” says Grantham.

Their photographer, Liam Hennessy, is excited to be along for the ride.

“In the heavy rain, what we’ll do is get under the umbrella and cover ourselves in baggies and garbage bags and get out there. It’s the only way to get those shots.” says Hennessy. “Everybody just pulls together, they run a little faster, they hold each other a little tighter and there is great stories for us to capture.”

Grantham is from Nova Scotia and experienced Hurricane Juan. Racicot, on the other hand, is from Ontario and says she has never experienced the wild weather of the Maritimes.

“My whole family is excited about it,” says Racicot. “It’s something we’ve never been through before and it will be something we’ll talk about forever.”

With files from CTV Atlantic's Gena Holley