A family in Amherst, N.S. is expressing their gratitude to two local paramedics, exactly one year after they saved their little boy's life.

Seven-year-old Connor MacDougall loves hockey, and playing with his dad. A year ago this month, he was playing in the basement, while his dad was upstairs on the couch.

“I heard Connor come up the basement stairs. He was stomping. He was upset about something and all I heard was the glass French door smash and him scream,” says Rod MacDougall, Connor’s father.

“When he put his hand through the door, and I'm assuming it was when he pulled it back out, that he severed from his top of his, the end of his wrist, all the way, half way down to his elbow,” says Sandra MacDougall, Connor’s mother.

The scar Connor has on his arm is a reminder of the torn muscles, arteries, and more than a hundred stitches he received.

The MacDougalls credit the two paramedics that responded that night, Kris Mollon and Chris Mizuik, with saving their son's life.

“Chris and Kris will forever be a part of our family,” says Sandra. “If it wasn't for them arriving on the scene and doing what they did, I don't think our son would be here today.”

On the anniversary of Connor's accident, Sandra reached out once again to say thank you to the paramedics.

Chris Mizuik says they were just happy to help the little guy.

“It's been a pleasure to be able to have a friendship with them, to see Connor grow up and to have a full recovery,” says Mizuik.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Dan MacIntosh