TRURO -- The family of 35-year-old Tony Walsh is speaking out hoping someone has information about the whereabouts of their loved one.

"Please, just do the right thing, give us answers, no family deserves this," said Tony's mother, Susan Robben.

Walsh was last seen at the end of August, and has not been heard from since.

Robben says even with four months gone by, she doesn’t plan to give up hope.

"A nightmare doesn’t even describe it. Hell, you're just numb," explains Robben. "You're just totally, completely, and utterly numb. You just go through the motions."

Walsh was last seen on the afternoon of August 23 getting into a truck in Truro, N.S. His car was later located by his family in a local parking lot.

"None of it makes any sense, none of it," said Robben. "I just don’t understand, I don’t understand. It shouldn’t happen in small communities. He's not the type of person who would take off and leave, and not contact us. He was in contact with me every day, he lived here."

In an unusual move, police released a videotaped statement from Walsh's family, hoping to generate leads in the case.

"We, as a family, are looking for a Christmas miracle. I would like someone with great compassion and courage to come forward with any information that you have in the disappearance of my son, Tony Walsh," said Tony's mother in the videotaped police statement.

"We're trying to be a little bit innovative and think outside the box in the respect to getting information out of people," said Cpl. Jennifer Clarke, with the Nova Scotia RCMP. "So, by releasing the video, people see the emotion of his family, they see that it's important to us, it's important to them."

RCMP says the investigation into the disappearance remains active.

"I can't speak about our suspicions to do with the file. I can tell you we've dedicated a lot of resources to this particular investigation including our underwater recovery team, we've used the police dog, we've executed a number of search warrants, we've interviewed over 60 people," said Clarke.

"We just really need Tony home. That's our biggest goal," said Robben.

Anyone with information into Tony Walsh's disappearance is asked to contact RCMP or Crime Stoppers.