The Nova Scotia government has announced it will contribute $5.9 million for a television series based on a successful Stephen King novel.

“The Mist” is currently being filmed in Bedford Place Mall, which has been transformed into the Bridgeville Mall for the show. It’s the biggest production to ever shoot in the province, with an estimated production cost of $22.8 million.

 "We're very encouraged by the confidence producers have in the Nova Scotia film industry," said Nova Scotia Minister of Business Mark Furey.

The minister also has announced taxpayers will also be contributing almost $1.5 million to the new season the Trailer Park Boys.

"We've worked very hard with the film industry representatives to restore confidence in the industry," said Furey.

The move will result in the province going over and about the province’s $11.5-million film incentive fund. While many applaud the funding, others say it is nothing more than a dramatic twist aimed at quelling the uproar over cuts to film tax credit.

Opposition Leader Jamie Baillie says for some, it's too little too late.

"What we see is an industry that's a fraction of what it was two years ago,” said Baillie. “That while the rest of the country (is) moving ahead, making great movies and creating jobs for their people, Nova Scotia has shrunk. That's the reality."

The province has since pledged $17.7 million to 27 productions over the next few years. They say it will generate $61.6 million in return for the Nova Scotia economy.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Marie Adsett.