HALIFAX -- The Nova Scotia government says more children from low-income families will soon qualify for the Nova Scotia Child Benefit.

Community Services Minister Joanne Bernard says the income threshold for the benefit will rise to $26,000 from $25,000 on July 1.

Bernard says that will bring about 1,300 more children under the program's umbrella and other families already in the program will get more money.

About 10,000 children in families with incomes between $18,000 and $26,000 will qualify for partial benefits.

They are expected to receive average increases of $40 a year for one-child families, $100 a year for two-child families and $160 a year for families with three children.

Families earning less than $18,000 annually will see larger increases: $625 per year for one child; $825 a year for two children and $900 a year for three children.