HALIFAX -- A man in Cape Breton has brought back a popular fundraising method that's proven to be a hole-in-one for those stopping in.

Stephen Pasher calls it his Fifty-Fifty Floating Hole; a golf green platform floating in the middle of Lingan Bay, N.S.

"The way it works is if you're lucky enough to get it in that hole you get the prize," explains Pasher.

Pasher originally came up with the fundraising idea when a close friend of his injured himself in an accident. He managed to raise more than $2,300 in 21-days during that fundraising period.

"I said I'd like to raise a couple of bucks and told them I'd put a floating hole out there, and they laughed at me, so they kind of gave me the encouragement," says Pasher.

Pasher says although he is still raising money for his friend, this time, half of the proceeds will go towards autism research.

It's a cause close to his heart having a niece with autism.

"You can’t beat it. The smiles on some people's faces, especially when they hit the platform or come close," says Pasher.

"It seems like they just can't get enough. It's just a great thing to do and a great way to give a couple of dollars to a community."

This year's fundraising efforts only started on Saturday for Pasher, but he says the prize purse is already at more than $500.

He plans on letting people tee off for 30 days in August, with a goal to raise $10,000.

"Lots have tried. Most people don’t want the prize purse. They want the glory," says Pasher.