A Nova Scotia man is facing charges after police dismantled a meth lab at a home in Salmon River, near Truro.

Police say this is the first time a meth lab has been found in the province.

They found the lab in a run-down trailer in a nearly empty trailer park on Matheson Drive.

Police took possession of the home Tuesday night through a search warrant and spent Wednesday dismantling the lab.

Neighbours were told to stay indoors, or leave the park altogether.

Police say public safety is always a concern when dealing with meth labs, as they can emit poisonous gas and even explode.

“A variety of solvents, such as camping fuel, isopropyl alcohol, and quite often in a lab setting these solvents are heated,” says Const. Craig Foley of the RCMP Hazardous Materials Unit.

A robot entered the residence first. Special units were then called in to handle the chemicals and dismantle the lab.

Once inside, they found chemicals, equipment, and residue of unidentified substances related to the production of methamphetamine.

Police say the residue has been sent to Health Canada for analysis.

Lance Gordon Phillips, 26, of Hilden is charged with unlawfully possessing chemicals known to produce a controlled substance and a number of weapons charges.

Police say they searched Phillips’ vehicle Wednesday night, where they found a loaded shotgun and loose ammunition.

He is due in Truro provincial court today.