Jim Elliott makes his coffee at home these days, after he says he made an unexpected discovery in a cup he purchased.

“Absolutely, totally, completely flabbergasted. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” says Elliott.

Elliott says he went to the Tim Hortons in Stewiacke, Nova Scotia two weeks ago. He bought two drinks, as he typically does, and put the unopened one in the fridge to reheat the next day.

“Had probably three or four drinks out of it and felt something hit my lip. My first thought was, well they must have put a teabag in it by accident,” says Elliott.

But he says he was wrong.

“Reached in and I didn’t get a teabag. I got a mouse. A dead mouse.”

Elliott says he immediately returned the coffee to the store.

“They didn’t really seem too concerned, and they said the manager wasn’t there,” says Elliott.

A manager did call him and said he would get back to him within a week. Elliott says that didn’t happen, so he followed up with the Department of Agriculture.

A government food establishment inspection report confirms a presence of pests was observed at the Stewiacke Tim Hortons.

A spokesperson from the Nova Scotia government would not comment further on the report saying the only information they can provide is the online inspection report, which is available to the public.

CTV News contacted Tim Hortons several times for an interview however no one from the coffee chain responded to our inquiries.

Elliott says he doesn’t want money, he just wants to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

“I don’t know how the mouse got in the cup, I don’t care how the mouse got in the cup. I just know that the mouse was in that cup when I bought it at Tim Hortons,” says Elliot.

“They need to rectify this, acknowledge that it happened, an apology would be nice,”

The inspection reports states Tim Hortons is required to sanitize all areas affected by evidence of pests and have a pest control expert review the area.

But that won’t matter for Jim Elliott.

“I can’t even drink out of a closed container anymore. I bought a can of pop the other day and I couldn’t drink it. I had to dump it into a glass.

Elliot says he’ll never again drink coffee from the iconic Canadian coffee chain.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kayla Hounsell.